6732 Fallsview Blvd, Niagara Falls, ON  •  Located on the 26th Floor of the Fallsview Tower Hotel
On the 26th of the Fallsview Tower Hotel
(905) 353-6777

Illumination Schedule

Every night throughout the year, the massive falls of Niagara are bathed in all the colours of the rainbow, by way of huge coloured spotlights located on the Canadian side of the falls. You can enjoy this awesome sight of the thundering falls illuminated in all different colours until midnight most nights of the year however schedule changes depending on season and weather conditions.

Fireworks Schedule

Enjoy shows beginning Friday May 20th and continuing every night at 10:00pm until Monday, October 10th. Nightly shows 7 days per week will give our guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy the spectacular display this spring, summer and fall.